Blogs and Tawk2me

Besides my blog, the rest of the team have their own. Please go view theirs and get a different perspective from the climbers on what they have to report on from Everest. These are :

1. Sean Wisedale


2. Wilmien Van Der Merve


3. Marlette Hegyi




In addition to blog spots, you can receive live broadcasts from me at Mt Everest via an application called Tawk2me. Please SMS Robeverest (one word) to 41867 to receive these regular updates.



One thought on “Blogs and Tawk2me

  1. Hi Rob – have been following you guys – just found out how to leave a message on a blog Eish man….
    Heard about an earthquake in Nepal – hope all is ok with you guys –
    will stay tuned for updates
    Best wishes


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