The Team


 1. Sean Wisedale


Sean is the team leader and a very experienced mountaineer. Sean is the first person from Africa to achieve the ‘Seven Summits’. A mountaineering prize consisting of reaching the summit of the highest mountain on each of the seven continents.

Sean is also a keen sailor. He acquired a well-known racing yacht and rebuilt her over three years. Yacht “Kiga” has embarked on many great adventures in the Indian Ocean and around the Cape since then.

Check out Sean’s home page on

You can follow Sean on his blog for the 2015 expedition on :


2. Marlette Hegyi


Otherwise know as Molly! Going for the 7 highest peaks on the 7 continents, check out Molly’s page on

Check out further links on Marlette’s recent ascents :

3. Wilmien van der Merwe


4. Nico Oosthuizen


A successful businessman, and when Nico is not head down in his business,  he is out climbing mountains!


5. The Support Crew

That’s me! I will be responsible for all support responsibilities for the team. This includes the pre logistics, packing of equipment, base camp management, communications and general dogs body! Basically I want to add value in order to get our 4 climbers to the top of Everest!

My details :


Name to most : Rob Bentley

Born, bred and brought up in the small green village of Kloof, in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. Work began at about 21, interrupted by 2 years of travel to find myself. Didn’t succeed and back to work!

In 1995, I married my soul mate Belinda and we have 2 wonderful kids, Daniel and Jenna. On the business front, In 1995, I started a logistics business and sold it in 2005.

Cruising the Oceans

In need of a mid-life sabbatical, I bought a 38ft Catamaran. It didn’t take much to convince Belinda that we needed to spend some time on the oceans and, together with our 2 children, we cruised the oceans for almost 4 years!

A wonderful experience that saw us exploring the East coast of Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands, and on to SE Asia. We eventually got to Australia, via Singapore and through Indonesia!

Check out :


In 2011, it was back in to the social matrix and a return to business, doing what I like to think I know best – Logistics. Edge Logistics was born in 2012, and I’m still hard at it!

I enjoy the great outdoors and I am a passive conservationist! Hiking in the KZN Drakensberg mountains is one of my favorite pastime activities and even the view from the top of Kilimanjaro was a highlight. That’s about all the hills I’ve ticked off! Otherwise you’ll find me on my dirt bike most weekends, enjoying the moment with close mates!

In  5 years’ time I hope to be back on the oceans away from the rat race, cruising and contributing in some small way to saving our only home – Mother Earth!


2 thoughts on “The Team

  1. Good luck team. We will be following with great interest…. and well done Rob. Good luck for the shear adventure of it and of course you are the perfect logistics man! Take care and if you run out of biltong or droewors just call up team Pickers, Penney and Bentley xx


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